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Quick FYI

Turns out it was, after all, God’s will that I go to school and teach.

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Comment on “///b”

Just a quick note in English–regarding the post entitled “///b” below, Maternaturalis asks, Where’s the translation on this post?

Happy to oblige. It probably means something like this:

So far as existence is the determining character of Dasein, the ontological analytic of this entity always requires that existentiality be considered beforehand. By “existentiality” we understand the state of Being that is constitutive for those entities that exist. But in the idea of such a constitutive state of Being, the idea of Being is already included. And thus even the possibility of carrying through the analytic of Dasein depends on working out beforehand the question about the meaning of Being in general.

But then again, it might just have been random banging on a keyboard. Your guess is as good as mine.

Speaking of banging on a keyboard reminds me of a joke I heard recently: “We have always been told that a million monkeys typing on a million keyboards will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare. Today, thanks to the internet, we know that this is not true.”

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